'GW-MOTORSPORT-PROMOTION - Perfection on 4 wheels' - known under this business name, owner and CEO Georg (Joe) Weber represented everything that refer with 4 wheels. Driver and safety trainings, sport driver and perfection courses as well as special and intensive trainings. With passionate and individual commitment he imparted his competent knowledge based on a 30-years successful experience in motorsport to his participants in many workshops and courses.

Especially to point out is his effective promotion of young talents as long-standing director and chief-instructor at the ADAC-Automobile-Racing- School as well as the mentoring of the Renault Sport juniors'. Many talents arose from both squads.

Joe Webers' competence and experience lead to the matter of fact, that the business of 'GW-MOTORSPORT-PROMOTION' was accommodated in 1986 as the only recognized external training organization in the Industry-Pool-Nürburgring and established itself as confidential partner of the international automotive and tire industry.

In March 1998 Joe Weber was overtaken by a momentous blow of fate: Several cerebral infarctions caused by a heart-tumor determined irreparable sanitary damages. From that time on Joe Weber was confined to a wheel-chair. His motto: 'Who capitulate, who lost!' let him defy the exhausting rehabilitation with an admirable attitude as well after many years.

Thanks to the helpfully assistance by the Industry-Pool-Nürburgring as well as the personally engagement of Dirk Schoysman (alumnus and long-standing friend of Joe Weber) the driver trainings tor the industry could still pursued. In contrast all motor-sportive and other activities of 'GW-MOTORSPORT-PROMOTION' had to be stopped caused by illness.

In January 2008 the business was renamed in 'JOE WEBER SCHOOL - Advanced Driver Training'.

On October 30, 2012 Joe Weber died surrounded by his family in his hometown Börwang from the effects of his long and serious illness. His wife Liz continues to run the company on behalf of Joe Weber.

Joe Weber
1971 German Hill Climb Championship on Fiat Abarth 850 TC
1972 European Hill Climb Championship on ABT-NSU 1300
1976 Winner of the Int. Renault-5-elf-Cup
1977 Winner of the German Alfa-Sud-Cup
1978 ADAC-sports badge gold with diamonds
1980 – 1998 A large attendance with top placements at the 24-hours-races (Nürburgring, Spa Francorchamps)
1983 – 1998 Director of the ADAC-Automobile-Racing-School
1986 – 1998 Test-driver-education at the Industry-Pool-Nürburgring
1989 – 1998 Director of the Renault-elf-Zakspeed-Racing-School
1989 Foundation of 'GW-MOTORSPORT-PROMOTION'
2008 Renaming of the business in 'JOE WEBER SCHOOL - Advanced Driver Training'